Wheelchairs and Scooters

Helping Wheels Mobility & Conversions takes pride in providing safe, reliable and quality mobility products. Our focus is safety, fit & function and meeting the needs of the consumer. Our caring staff have been in this industry for many years and truly care for our customers.

Wheelchairs and Scooters offer their occupants a newfound freedom of mobility. The need of these conveyances (wheelchairs and scooters) varies to someone that is limited to the distance they can walk unassisted to someone that cannot stand or walk at all. Due to the nature of the wheelchair users condition, sometimes it is necessary to seek advice from a professionally trained seating clinic to determine the most effective Rehabilitation Type Wheelchair. Our friendly staff can direct you to finding the best people to meet this need. When this type of chair is needed, the seating clinic performs several personal evaluations and somewhat makes a prescription as to what conveyance will best meet your needs. For those who need assistance for distance and stability, it is not always necessary to consult a seating clinic. Primarily we sell the lighter duty conveyances, as well as, transportation solutions for the equipment. Our Mobility Consultants will work with you do determine if we have an immediate product that will meet your needs or if you need a consult with the seating professionals. Regardless, we can assist you with transportation options to transport your conveyance.

Wheelchairs are designed with 4 to 6 wheels and are usually operated by a joy stick. These conveyances come in manual and powered platforms. They vary in weight from a few pounds to over 300lbs. They operate well in tight confined areas and often offer many different comfort and function features such as seat elevators, tilting and reclining functionality.


Scooters are designed with 3 or 4 wheels and are usually operated by a tiller (handle bar) steering device. Scooters are powered devices that are usually used for lighter duty personal transportation devices. Although some scooters can get up to over 300lbs, the smaller more compact scooters are usually more widely used due to their lighter weight. Most small scooters are very portable and you can break it down into smaller pieces to make lifting and transporting it easier. They generally have small baskets, lights and horns.


Please contact one of our professional Mobility Consultants today to learn more about Platform Lifts and other mobility products that may assist you.