Wheelchair Van Ramp Conversions

Choosing The Right Conversion

When considering a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle determining what type of conversion you need is a challenge. Helping Wheels Mobility & Conversions is dedicated to providing you with a safe, functionally fit and enjoyable Wheelchair Accessible Van. There are several options and we can guide you through the process to determine the best conversion to meet your needs. How you plan to use your van is a great place to start.

  • Is the wheelchair passenger going to have the ability to drive independently or be a passenger only?
  • If a driver, will you drive from the wheelchair or can you transfer? If a passenger, will you ride in the center of the van, position the wheelchair in the front passenger position or transfer?
  • How often will you use the van and for what purpose?
  • Do you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle to transport a wheelchair bound passenger to periodic events such as Doctors Appointments or other similar activities?
  • Do you need the van for an active daily lifestyle that requires multiple stops per day?
  • Are you completely independent or does someone else do the grocery shopping and similar activities?
  • Do you plan to take the vehicle on long trips that require luggage and other items?

These are just a few questions that most people do not consider when purchasing their first wheelchair accessible vehicle with a lowered floor conversion. Our trained Mobility Consultants care about making sure this vehicle meets your every need. It is a process and goes beyond just having a means of transportation.


The most popular Side Entry Ramp Conversion is the powered automatic conversion that when activated the door opens, the ramp deploys and the vehicle kneels down to reduce the ramp angle. This type of conversion provides a completely independent driver the ability to have complete freedom of mobility. It also enables a caregiver to have a very effective automatic ramp system that does not require manual operation of the door or ramp.

The Side Entry Ramp Conversions also come in a Manual Ramp Conversion. This conversion is a lower cost alternative and geared toward the wheelchair passenger that always has a companion or caregiver. Depending on the van, the sliding door may or may not be powered, but the ramp is completely manual. This means no ramp motors, lower cost and less operating parts. The ramp is constructed of a light weight material that is easy to lift and lower.

Side Entry Ramp Conversions are ideal for the daily activities, travel and multiple wheelchair riding positions. This conversion is designed for an active lifestyle.


The Rear Entry Ramp Conversion comes in both an automatic Powered Rear Entry Ramp Conversion, as well as, a Manual Rear Entry Ramp Conversion. The Rear Entry Ramp Conversion features a lowered floor with a wide channel cut from the rear of the van to front seats (short floor cuts available to keep standard 2nd row seating). The 2nd row passenger seats are remounted on a flip and stow base to provide 2 seats in the center of the van that fold away to allow the wheelchair access to the 2nd row. There is an optional 3rd row 2 person folding bench seat in some rear entry conversions. There are several variations of the Rear Entry Ramp Conversion determined by the chassis. The Rear Entry Ramp Conversion is ideal for the daily commute. A clear advantage to the rear entry ramp conversion is the ease of parking. It does not require the wide shaded ramp landing areas that people always tend to block.


The Ram Promaster is the full-size van alternative. The Promaster is a very versatile Wheelchair Van. Helping Wheels Mobility & Conversions can provide you with several different variations of the Promaster. We can do a Ramp or Lift Conversion on the Promaster that offers a foldable ramp on the rear that will accommodate 1000 lbs. and is wide enough to handle almost any wheelchair base. This Rear Ramp Conversion also has a kneeling system to reduce ramp angle and make it ADA compliant. If a lift is what you want, we can install a Braun or Ricon lift to the side or rear of the van. The most interesting component of the Promaster conversion is the seating system. This conversion has a modular seating system that will allow the seats to be removed or re-arranged to support different uses. We can have moveable seats and/or flip up seats in the 2nd or 3rd row. These Promasters are ideal for personal or commercial use and we can provide a 1500 or 2500 series with standard or high-top configurations. This is your solution to transporting multiple occupied wheelchairs as once. This is a very flexible Wheelchair Van Conversion.

In your quest to acquire the safest, most functionally fit and meet your needs Wheelchair Van, knowledge is power. Contact one of our professional Mobility Consultants today to utilize our expertise and knowledge in helping you find exactly what you need. Above are very brief descriptions of the different conversions available. To learn more about the different conversions contact us and come see the differences in person. It is always best to have the wheelchair and occupant present to measure for fit & function.