Vehicle Seating Options

Helping Wheels Mobility & Conversions offers a variety of assistive vehicle seating options. The type of seating lift or system needed is determined by the vehicle being used and the physical challenge of the individual. These vehicle seating options range from a simple platform to assist by raising and lowering the user to a vehicle seat that comes out of the vehicle and lifts the person completely into the riding position. Keep in mind that all applications are sensitive to the vehicle, user’s measurements and limitations. Our trained Mobility Consultants and Technicians carefully analyze the physical ability of the individual, the persons measurements, weight and the dimensions of the vehicle to determine a safe and effective application. Our primary focus is providing a safe product that meets your needs. We have many years of experience in determining best fit products and are determined to provide quality products and service. The following is breakdown by vehicle type of the product and how it works.

WHEELCHAR VAN: Wheelchair Vans are the ultimate vehicle for transporting a wheelchair bound individual allowing them to stay in the wheelchair. The most widely used wheelchair van is the lowered floor minivan conversion with a lowered floor ramp conversion. This conversion allows the wheelchair passenger to enter and exit the vehicle while occupying the wheelchair. If the wheelchair passenger is physically able to transfer from the wheelchair to a standard auto motive seat, it presents a seating opportunity for flexibility of additional comfort or change of seating position in the vehicle. If the wheelchair passenger can make a transfer, it allows options to dock the wheelchair in the center of the vehicle and transfer to the driver seat or passenger seat. This is possible by using a Transfer Seat Base. With the original vehicle seat mounted onto the transfer seat base, it allows the seat to come back to the center of the vehicle and rotate to enable an easier lateral transfer from the wheelchair to the automotive seat. This seating option is very effective for most Wheelchair Accessible Minivans, some Full-Size Wheelchair Vans and Wheelchair Accessible SUVs.

For wheelchair bound people that want a larger vehicle than the minivan, Helping Wheels Mobility & Conversions sell the Ram Promaster. The Promaster has a modular style seating system that will allow the rear seats to be removed or re-arranged for commercial or personal use. We can also install a Transfer Seat Base to allow the wheelchair user the ability to drive the vehicle from the vehicle’s driver seat.

TRUCK/SUV: Although there are some pickup truck and large SUV conversions available, there are other options for individuals who need a device to lift them vertically to the vehicle seat level and can slide into the seat. This is often referred to as a Motorized Transfer Board. We mount a lift into the vehicle that has a folding platform seat (most often removeable as well) in the door frame that travels up and down to lift and lower the person to and from the vehicle seat. Another great product for the TRUCK/SUV is the Turning Automotive Seat. This is a seat platform with an automotive seat mounted that carries the entire seat in and out of the vehicle. This application is for someone that is not able to slide horizontally from a Motorized Transfer Board onto the vehicle seat. These seating options are very effective for individuals that are wheelchair bound and still have the physical ability to stand and pivot, as well as, those that just need assistance getting into the truck or SUV. There are some limitations for the application of these products and we strongly recommend exploring this type of seating lift with one of our Mobility Consultants to determine it is a good application to meet your needs.

PASSENGER CAR ASSISTIVE SEATING: There are several assistive vehicle seating options for passenger cars. Passenger Cars are reasonably low to the ground and do not require a lifting and lowering actions. The most widely used equipment for entering and exiting a car is an attached pivoting transfer board. There are also Turning Automotive Seating option for cars, but they only rotate the automotive seat in/out and slide out over the door frame. These rarely travel up and down. Due to smaller door openings, passenger car assistive seating devices are more restrictive, we recommend exploring this type of seating option with one of our Mobility Consultants to determine it is a good application to meet our needs.

OTHER: Helping Wheels Mobility & Conversions can also assist in finding a lift to assist for entry and exit of some RVs, Farm Tractors and Transportation Tractors. The applications for products of this nature are very vehicle specific and require case by case analysis to determine if there is an effective application. Please contact one of our professional Mobility Consultants today to learn and evaluate the best vehicle seating option to meet your needs.