Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans

Helping Wheels Mobility and Conversions takes pride in providing safe, reliable and quality wheelchair accessible vehicles. Our focus is safety, fit & function and meeting the needs of the wheelchair passenger. Our caring staff have been in this industry for many years and truly care for our customers.

Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans provide the wheelchair passenger, family and caregivers freedom of mobility accompanied by safety, convenience and comfort. They offer a wheelchair bound individual the opportunity of independence by providing opportunities to get out into the world for leisure and appointments.

Advantages in favor of the rear entry van include:

  • A long cut floor to get the wheelchair passenger to the 2nd row of the van or sit in the 3rd row and provide additional seating up front
  • Short floor cuts are also an option for larger families that need the factory 2nd row of seats
  • Easy entry and exit
  • Parking the Rear Entry Wheelchair Van is a clear advantage. Other than parallel parking, almost any parking space you can pull into leaves access to the rear ramp
  • Less structural changes during conversion making it more affordable
  • Available with Power or Manual Ramp Conversions
  • ADA Compliant Models

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Please contact one of our professional Mobility Consultants today to learn more about the Side Entry Wheelchair Vans so we can assist you in finding the best van to meet your needs.