Platform Lifts

Helping Wheels Mobility & Conversions takes pride in providing safe, reliable and quality mobility products. Our focus is safety, fit & function and meeting the needs of the consumer. Our caring staff have been in this industry for many years and truly care for our customers.

Helping Wheels Mobility & Conversions sell different types of platform lifts to meet the demand of different vehicles and the applications to meet the customers needs.

  • A traditional Platform Lift is a flat platform that the wheelchair or scooter (conveyance) is parked on when and lift raises/lowers the conveyance up to the door opening of a vehicle allowing a flat gateway into and out of the vehicle. A platform lift is designed for personal and/or commercial use with an occupied wheelchair. This will allow the wheelchair passenger to remain in the wheelchair during loading and transport. Generally, we install platform lifts into the rear or side of most full-sized vans depending on the need of the wheelchair passenger or caregivers.
  • A Hybrid type platform lift is a stowage lift that loads an un-occupied wheelchair into the rear of a minivan or SUV. The Hybrid Platform Lift incorporates the platform with a lift mechanism capable of lifting/lowering and stowing/deploying into the vehicle. This type of lift is limited and the application needs to be carefully analyzed prior to purchase or installation.

Our experienced Mobility Consultants will ask the questions to determine what is safe, functionally fit and effective to meet your needs. Our mission is not to just sell you something that may work. Our mission is to assist you in purchasing the correct product that works best for your individual needs.

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Platform Lifts