Mobility Products

Mobility Products are a wide variety of products that will enable or enhance your personal mobility. There are several categories of products we sell and install to allow you freedom of mobility in your daily life. These products offer an opportunity to modify a vehicle to be driven by an individual with varied physical challenges and special needs. They allow a person with limited physical ability to enter a vehicle affording safety for the person and/or a caregiver. Mobility products allow wheelchair-bound individuals a means to enter and exit their home with minimal assistance or independently. Below are a few of the products we have to offer to provide you with freedom of mobility.

Driving Controls: 

  • Hand Controls - * Click HAND CONTROLS to learn more *
  • Left Foot Accelerators
  • Controls and Displays to operate secondary functions
  • Backup Cameras

Wheelchair Restraints: * Click WHEELCHAIR RESTRAINTS to learn more *

  • Wheelchair and Passenger Restraints for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
  • Power Base Lockdown Systems for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
  • Retractable Manual Wheelchair and Passenger Systems
  • Replacement Wheelchair and Passenger Restraints for Worn or Broken Belts

Wheelchair Accessible Ramp Conversions: * Click WHEELCHAIR VAN RAMP TYPES to learn more

  • Side Entry Ramp (Power and Manual on Minivans)
  • Rear Entry Ramp (Power and Manual on Minivans)
  • Rear Entry Ram (Manual on Ram Promaster)

Automotive Seats: * Click VEHICLE SEATING OPTIONS to learn more *

  • Turning Automotive Seating Systems
  • Motorized Sling Lifts
  • Motorized Transfer Boards

Wheelchairs and Scooters: * Click WHEELCHAIRS AND SCOOTERS to learn more *

  • Power and Manual Power Wheelchairs for Personal Mobility
  • Power 3-Wheeled and 4-Wheeled Scooters
  • Accessories for Wheelchairs and Scooters

Additional Products: * Click ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS to learn more *

  • Personal Mobility Aids
  • Home Products
  • Grab Bars

At Helping Wheels Mobility & Conversions, our mission is to provide SAFETY, FIT & FUNCTION and AFFORDABILITY to meet your individual needs. Mobility Products are not “one size fits all”. Please call or come in to see one of our knowledgeable Mobility Consultants to find the best product to meet your needs.