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Helping Wheels Mobility & Conversions takes pride in providing safe, reliable and quality mobility products. Our focus is safety, fit & function and meeting the needs of the consumer. Our caring staff have been in this industry for many years and truly care for our customers.

Helping Wheels Mobility & Conversions sell different types of Personal Mobility and Accessibility Products to meet the demand of different special needs for our valued customers. Below are some of the Additional Products we sell:

  • Handy Bar – Adds extra support while getting in and out of a car, van or truck
  • Hand Held Reacher – To reach items on the ground or above your general reach
  • Cane/Walking Stick – To maintain stability when standing and/or walking
  • Grab Bars – Mounts to offer stability when making transfers
  • Personal Mobility Devices – Walkers, Scooters and Wheelchairs (Powered and Manual)
  • Shower Chairs and Potty Chairs

Please contact one of our professional Mobility Consultants today to learn more about other mobility products that may assist you.

Additional Products